Zahra Mansoori, Msc


I has engaged with Fine Arts specisally Painting since I was 16. I owe a lot to my former teachers who were graduated in field of Fine Arts in hight degrees from top universities of Iran.

Since then, I have participated in some group exhibitions which the most inportant has been mentioned below.

Also I tried to do photoshooting since I was 25. I have hold an indivisual photo exhibition in 2014 which has been listed below.

My Artworks are available here and here.

Painting Exhibition
Students Group Exhibition

Arasbaran Cultural Complex - 2003

Photo Exhibition
Ashura in Tuyserkan

Aftab and Arasbaran Cultural Complex - Oct 2014

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Painting Exhibition

Aftab Art Gallery - Sep. 2023 Related News    

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Group Painting Exhibition
Group Art Students

Erik Art Gallery - Feb. 2024

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