Zahra Mansoori, Msc

Front-End Web Design Course

Web I

First Semester of web design course which includes a brief about how internet works, and then go deep into HTML5 and CSS3 followed by technical examples which be done step by step by teacher.

This semester contains two projects: One after HTML5 finished and the second as final project after HTML5 and CSS3 completed and almost 10-12 examples done. You have to create a website which is not responsive.

Web II

Second Semester of web design course which contains Responsive Design with Bootstrap Framework, which all components will be covered in detail and is completely followed by examples. Then Less and Sass (CSS Preprocessors) will be covered; finally there are two or three examples of Responsive design which is done by the teacher.

This semester containts one Final project which must be responsive.


Third Semester for client-side scripting using Javascript, JQuery and a brief about AJAX.

This semester contains two projects: A Javascript project as mid-term projetcs and a JQuery project as final projects. Guides throw fulfilling projects will be explained during the course.

About The Instructor

I am Zahra Mansoori, Certified Instructor of Tehran Institute of Technology (MFT). This institute is called MIT of Iran from popularity and history aspects, It is the oldest educational institute of Iran with more than 40 years of experiences.

Recently, I have promoted to International Educator position @ LearnDesk, a marketplace in which educators around the world gather in order to generate offline or live contents. Here is my LearnDesk Profile.

The field I teach is Front-End Web Design in three semesters. The syllabus of the semesters are defined Internationally. Students Top Projects are already uploaded.