Zahra Mansoori, Msc


Here are some old document written by me or someone else in last years

Rumi Biography
Naser Mansoori

Final Project of Literacy course

Bachelore degree, Iran University of Science & Technology  

Zahra Mansoori

Small Photo eBook contains my trip and mission Photos all inside Iran

This book mend to be published  

Zahra Mansoori

A photo book contains travelogue to Siqnaqi, a religious city of Georgia

This document mend to be attended to a contest in Switzerland  

ACM Website
Zahra Mansoori

Self-Designed website for ACM Programming Contests Group of IUST University  

ACM Announcement
Zahra Mansoori

Introduction and History of ACM Global Programming Contest Group, and announecement for Contests of 2002  

Robotics Report
Zahra Mansoori

Report of Line-follower Robot which is introduced Here  

Tarsimm Archive
Zahra Mansoori

Old Version of Version#1 | Version#2 | Version#3 Archive
Zahra Mansoori

Old Version of
Version#1 | Version#2